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There are currently 5 mods.
Amanda (#1)Administrator
Tieria (#94)Assistant Supervisor
Mad_Hatter_Mod (#144)General Moderator
Beauty_and_the_Beast.mod (#14)General Moderator
Raz (#74552)General Moderator

Birrdy (#78401): Hey, looking for friends for some goals. Send me a request if youre interested. I'll accept within the day
Cas226 (#67663): Bingo begins at 5pm, it would be nice to not be alone tonight
Russinka (#77771): I keep oversleeping and missing bingo :( it's mid morning my timezone and it's usually over by the time I make it to my pc lol
Cas226 (#67663): Russinka can you set an alarm for it
Russinka (#77771): I mean, I can? I'm just really bad at being awake lol I'm AEST so like a day ahead of the thing and kinda keep forgetting Sunday evening bingo is actually Monday morning Bingo


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