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There are currently 5 mods.
Amanda (#1)Administrator
Tieria (#94)Assistant Supervisor
Apex.Predator.Mod (#144)General Moderator
Destiny.mod (#14)General Moderator
Raz (#74552)General Moderator

Gallifrey (#58835): There's an age limit on the colored comps. They must be 3-20 years old. Green
Gallifrey (#58835): Comps and club halter classes are open to foals. And chat cut my reply in half, yay! XD
Tieria (#94): @CheekyRider - I also have a bunch of free horse graphics for players! Check out the Free Graphics section!
lspatterson (#77302): where is the bank
agapanthus (#117): @Ispatterson just click on your balance in the top right corner!


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