There are currently 7 mods.
Amanda (#1)Administrator
Tieria (#94)Assistant Supervisor
Aely (#50150)General Moderator
Apex.Predator.Mod (#144)General Moderator
Destiny.mod (#14)General Moderator
Yanko (#89)General Moderator
Raz (#74552)General Moderator

Yanko (#89): We're good Trickster! I'm glad to see you working on the goals! Just please be mindful not to flood the chatroom.
adante2007 (#67728): Hey guys! Has anyone noticed the influx of new players with random names? It just feels weird to me.
adante2007 (#67728): So, don't mind me. I didn't realize/forgot new players get random names. My friend logged in and was like "???" I'm a mess lol
Bells (#75974): Haha, I thought it was funny that I got the random name 'HappyRiver' when one of my old dogs was called River! And hello.
Aely (#50150): Hi and welcome, Bells! ^^


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