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FastFreedom #75585 has logged in for the first time!
(#75340) completed Quests Failed x25, a 2-Star Goal!
(#75584) completed Getting Started, a 1-Star Goal!
(#75584) completed Login!, a 1-Star Goal!
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(#22518) is hosting AComp (Champion Hunter/Jumper)
(#156) completed Two Weeks of Logging In!, a 1-Star Goal!
(#22518) completed Quarter Horse...s!, a 3-Star Goal!
(#130) is hosting (Seasoned English Pleasure)
(#75560) completed Shy, a 1-Star Goal!
(#75560) completed Earning Horse Points, a 1-Star Goal!
(#61230) completed Beginning Breeder, a 1-Star Goal!
(#75560) completed Statted Foal, a 1-Star Goal!

Aly123 (#75579): Hi people! :D
Aly123 (#75579): I just started today!
Tieria (#94): Welcome to EN! :D If you have any questions or just want to chat, toss me a message!
BraveKing (#75581): Hello , just started to day and are hoping to find my self a mentorto guid me trough this a little if some one have the time :)
Astro (#45239): Hi, welcome to the game! If you need anything, I'm more than happy to help out:)


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